Tech Spec


  • Block reward: ~20 smoothly varying
  • Difficulty: retargets at every block
  • Block confirmation: 18 blocks
  • Max supply: ~50 million
  • Block time: 120 seconds
  • Nicehash resistance: Yes
  • Asic resistance: Yes
  • BulletProof RingCT
  • Ticker: ARQ
  • LWMA difficulty algorithm securing network against 51% hash attacks
  • Emission rate planned on 30 years

Future Plans

Custom Difficulty Calculation Algorithm that gives equal-opportunity to every miner.

We are hard at work on including ArQmA in every possible way that will help everyone in day to day life. Such as: mobile payments, transactions, payments at shops, multi-currency transfers 

PoS/PoW Master node in the works!

How is ArQmA different?

We have no ICO

There is a premine at 15 % which is not ours but for project purposes: exchanges, promotions, bonus blocks, view key available ect…

Premine will be burned at HardFork 13

Our coin will take all the best features from other coins and add extra improvements to make it the most secure coin possible

Based on Monero / Aeon / Cryptonight we find solutions that can take ArQmA to a higher level

Community on Discord managed by well known supporters, Telegram, and Facebook

Team that has a passion for crypto and have worked on projects longer than a few years

Our solutions will be available for free, open source, and can be implemented on any coin

       Our project is sponsored directly from our pockets and we take it very serious!