Solo Mining Arqma on the GUI Wallet

Solo mining gives users the opportunity to mine with their own hardware on their own pool to help decentralize the network mining power. 51% attacks are always on the mind of cryptocurrency users and there have been plenty of them on record for major coins and altcoins. To help decentralize the network the Arqma team has integrated a solo mining pool option into the electron wallet where users can mine to a pool on the same personal networks their rigs are set up on. If you are interested in knowing how to do this, read on!

First, we need to start by opening the Arqma-Electron-Wallet application. After we have set up a new wallet we need to ensure that the daemon has updated to the latest block on the network. You must ensure that the connection type in the settings menu is set to local or local+remote or the solo mining function will not work.

You can check if the daemon is synced by either opening your wallet and waiting until the wallet says “Synced” in the lower right corner, or waiting until the daemon in the lower-left stops increasing. Note that the daemon block number will always increase while connected to the internet and running. This is normal however the daemon will only sync 200 blocks per second during the “syncing” phase.

Now we need to open the options menu and select the “Solo Mining” function.
Solo mining main page. So much data to see!
Now we are at the solo mining main page screen where we can see current network stats along with our solo mining hash rates and stats. Notice how the pool status is not ready because our daemon has not fully synced with the network? We also have not enabled solo mining yet. The check box at the left is where we can enable or disable solo mining functions within the Arqma wallet app.

After you have enabled the solo mining function, notice how the pool status now says “Waiting for daemon”. The daemon has still not fully synced with the network and we cannot solo mine yet. At this point we can select which wallet we want to solo mine to, the port we want to use that is also in our mining configuration file for the miner, and what IP we want to bind to. If you want, you can also set up the diff settings however the default algorithm works pretty well unless you have many MegaHash mining to one pool.

From here we want to move to the “Workers” page and find our local IP for the PC running the pool. Here for example is the ip with the port settings from the first page of 3333. This needs to be entered into your miner config so you will mine to your own pool.

Here is an example of the miner config you would use for solo mining ARQ to your own pool using XMrig cpu miner. Note the URL is the IP from the worker’s page on the Arqma Wallet.

Yay, ready to mine!

After we have set up the pool, miner, and wallet, we can move back to the Dashboard and check the pool status. If it says “Ready” that means we are good to go for solo mining and raking in those piles of little ARQ’s to make a big pile of Arqma. Start your miner and check that the miner is connected and sending shares to the pool. Then check the Arqma wallet solo mining dashboard to see if the pool is recognizing the miner(s).

If everything is working and configured correctly then you will get stats showing up in the dashboard and workers pages reflecting your mining skills. You can now sit back and watch those solo mined blocks hit and reward you for helping decentralize the network.

If your wallet is open during all of this while solo mining, the built-in security feature of the Arqma wallet will automagically close your wallet in case someone were to access your computer. Do not worry as your solo mining will still function normally even if your wallet is closed. As long as the wallet application is open and you are connected to the internet, you will be able to solo mine. Going forward, every time you open your wallet application, solo mining will be automatically enabled and your miners can connect to the solo pool to mine once the daemon syncs with no changes.

We hope that this guide will help you solo mine and decentralize the network. Try it out and see if you find some blocks. If you run into any issues, visit our discord server under the #mining_chat tab and drop us a line. Best of luck to you and happy mining!

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