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ArQma is going forward on the roadmap laid out with many code updates.

Even though most of us take a holiday or vacation in the summer months, we kept the project getting forward.


1.1 million lines of code

Michal vel Malbit has updated over 1.1 million lines of code to make the builds for Linux, Windows, Android with cross compiling capability and Arqtras is working on the gateway payment system and some of the updates are not comitted yet.

You can see the repositories and update chart with the following URLs or follow the status updates of commits to code by our devs on the #git-hub info channel on discord.


There is a web front-end for the gateway updated here:


Tell your friends and associates about ArQmA. We are a community that is always dynamic and looking to add new ideas.

You can reach us here:


The Android wallet is in open testing ( You can help report any errors in telegram or discord.

The web wallet was debugged further and thanks go to SmajeNz0 for helping with the web server internal workings.

The iOS build for the iphone is under progress, testing and open testing will be coming soon.

We acquired two new devs from Brazil who have experience in payment gateway coding.

The payment gateway design and testing is ongoing. It's a novel solution and more details will be forthcoming.

We want to warmly welcome two new pools: Crypto Hispano from the Canary Islands and The Pirate Mine from the Netherlands. There are local language speakers there for support and English as well. You can see their web page on the The both have Telegram support channels.

The team wishes Jaegerman42 well, as he returns to finishing his dissertation for his PhD doctorate in Economics.

He received a 10 XMR bounty bonus from Hacker One for revealing the severity of the PR #3985 exchange exploit with responsible disclosure.

Some new artwork, icons were generated by Uni The Great. You can see some updates on the web site.

Argonator updated the instructions on github for restoring CLI wallets and how to build ArQmA with Msys2 under Windows.

He also submitted several applications to tracking and market cap websites. He also requested some mining tracker sites to add ARQ to their list.

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