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Status Report for December 2018 / January 2019

Seasons Greetings fellow ArQmA community! We hope you had a great holiday and rang in the New Year well. Some of the ArQmA team worked the weekends and some late night hours to get all the huge amounts of code changes completed.

The fork on 12/4 went well here's a brief list of changes that improved the ArQmA network.

  1. A large amount of internal wallet security checks, locks, encryption while the application is running to prevent hacks and surveillance attempts.
  2. A two minute block time which increases the transaction rate for faster confirmations of coins sent and received. This also helps speed up the payment gateway when it reaches test release.
  3. The daily emission is about 14150 ARQ coins a day, so there is an expansion of the supply of coins. Smoothly decreasing on the same curve setting similar as before.
  4. The fork included the release of Devil's Gate .2.2 with a CLI wallet release, a GUI release, and updated source for Linux. Over a 100 changes internally in the code which makes it more robust and capable of supporting the payment gateway, and less of the limitations of Monero.
  5. Sorry for the delay in releasing the GUI for Mac OS. But it's available on the main ArQmA download site.
  6. QR code scanning and generation was added to the GUI wallet.
  7. New options to hide your balance from shoulder surfers, and a timer lockout requiring a password re-entry was added.
  8. Hardware wallet, cold storage wallet support was added to the GUI wallets.
  9. A few bugs related to the lwma-4 difficulty algorithm tuning and the RPC wallet services were rectified within a few days of the 12/4 release of Devil's Gate .2.1.
  10. A new method of merged mining appeared on two pools which allow mining of multiple coins if you mine ArQmA there. They produce Iridium coins (IRD) for you as you mine ArQmA currently. The two pools that offer this so far are Smartcoinpool, and Semipool. 
    Consult with those pools that offer this option it for specific configuration. Technically, there are other similar coins you can get additional rewards on that use the same algorithm, cn-lite variant 1. At last count, it appears that also Turtle coin, BitcoiNote, Worktips, BBScoin, and others can be merge mined. Please do consider evening the distribution of hash rate to prevent centralization on the network. ArqTras is experimenting with merged mining also as possibly an adjunct to the development pool.
  11. The draft of the white paper is almost complete illustrating in more detail about the payment gateway and it's impact and adoption on e-commerce systems. Argonator compiled most of the information, at nearly 50 pages. He also gives credit to SmajenZ0, Pizza Mind, and Bob also for suggestions and critique.
  12. With all the updates for the GUI wallet and underlying structure of code have been tested, development of the Android and iPhone wallet is continuing by Michal and ArqTras. The private repository and auto build system is being fine tuned further to generate public source releases.
  13. The web wallet was taken down, it's being rebuilt on a fresh install on a faster server. We apologize for the inconvenience. It will eventually come back online. You can still use the GUI wallet or CLI wallet to access your coins. No coins are lost since they are stored on the blockchain.
  14. An ArQmA GUI manual in wiki html format is being worked on by Argonator. It's a skeleton draft at this moment, but he is listening for ideas from the community on suggestions to include. Once it is flesh out in a majority, it hopefully will become an editable tree of instructions, guides, tips, how-tos, and expert level reading on advanced transactions.
Thanks for supporting us and participating.

Happy New Year!

The ArQmA Team.

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