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Hello Community.

The fork to cn-pico ran very smoothly and we would like to thank everybody for their support and help.

Muslesonvacation (Muscleman) who joined ArQmA recently became the main pool operator of He is running the first cn-pico merged mining pool allowing prop and solo on parent and child coins.

SmajeNz0 is polishing the documentation of arqma-rpc-js and is close to releasing the first version in the next days. This is our lightweight javascript library using Promise to interact with the RPC daemon and RPC wallet. It supports http, https, digest authentication out of the box and has only one external package dependency (p-queue). It is our base library to develop further services in nodejs.

Michal vel [email protected] announced a few days ago that we will implement a Forknote JSON API along our actual Daemon and Wallet APIs to increase the synergy of our ecosystem with others. Additionally we will enhance RCT Bulletproof with the full Sarang Noether implementation.

On Discord ArqTras recently launched the ArQmA Tipbot successfully. Now you can directly tip your mates and receive tips from them on discord in real time without paying any transaction fee. There is also a Network Bot which displays the ArQmA network stats as the balance of the premine wallet as well. We are also working on adding some features soon.

Stay tuned:

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