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* ArQmA - verify code - only binaries compiled from our source get correct release and commit version allowed in network. Which means any custom modified code compiled will cause dropped connection from the network. Version is verified in DNSSec and commit and seeds. This is tamper proofing that all of Cryptonight needs to prevent some future hacks

* LWMA 4 more effective for network difficult pump and drop hashrate

* Speed up synchronization and upload / download values rised

* BlockchainDB migration from v2 to v3

* Unlocked daemon mining threads


*All keys are stored, crypted and locked, when needed are unlcoked in memory (on-the-fly) and after use just wiped from memory

*Password refresh need password each time


We are introducing mobile beta versions of wallet available for download at


Testing payments in less 10 sec

Incoming futures:


Correcting issues with webwallet

Mobile wallets

Q1/2019 We start working at MN and integration with bank systems and because its under negotiations we keep details for myself


We are testing already solutions described if anyone interested to join

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