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  • WHAT: Arqma is transitioning to software and network version 2.0, called "Devils Gate".
  • JINGLE: More secure, faster, more robust, new features, and a payment gateway.
  • WHEN: Approximately at block 61250 on 12/4/2018

This update is a mandatory update

If you do not update the daemon, wallet application, or pool daemon, you will be disconnected from the network.

Your coins are still on the blockchain where there are stored. If you have coins on the exchanges, they stay there until you do something with them. The coins on their exchanges are their responsibility. You should not need to update your mining software. Contact your pool owner if you have trouble mining. They will escalate if necessary.

If you mine on a proper pool after the fork, any additional coins you acquire are still stored on the block chain.
You should at the very least update one of your wallet applications to transmit and receive coins in your wallet application.

Over 100+ changes, 359 source code files changed in total.

The ArQmA devs and support added 23533 lines of code and deleted 8998 lines of code. That's more than a novel sized book if it were printed out.

You can download the binary executable releases at
The source code and github at:



  • Telegram and Discord as usual 24/7 365 days a year.
  • Discord at:
  • Telegram at:


Pool operators: Please join the "#pool_ops" channel in ArQmA discord chat to help confirm any changes or need help in installing the new daemon for pools.
If you do not update your daemon, you will be disconnected from the ArQmA network, until you have updated. That puts your pool miners on halt also.
Set mixin minimum 6 for pool operators,
and most importantly change block time 120 in your settings!

Exchanges: The two exchanges, TradeOgre and Crex24 have been notified and supplied the updates.
ArQmA devs and support already tested the daemon connection before the fork so everything should go smoothly.
You should be able to transact with them as soon as you can connect to the new network.

When you want something done right, do it yourself. We coded it better for you to do it right.

A brief list of changes:

  • Fork Version 10, also called V10 for short.
  • Block mining time change to 120 seconds from 240. This changes the emission curve and more blocks and coins for you.
  • The block reward stays the same for each block.
  • Faster blockchain downloads with the daemon on local node support for the GUI wallet. Much faster than other coins.
  • Additional support for the ArQmA Payment Gateway.
  • Security updates, new daemon security, new wallet security internal checks within the application and the wallet files are decrypted/re-encrypted as you use them.
  • The new smaller blockchain database will be converted from v2 to v3 when you run the new daemon, allow some time for the conversion.

After the blockchain database conversion, it takes less disk space than before.
The wallet application asks you to enter your password to refresh balance even when idling every time now.
Added URI Payments to the wallets.

  • Lowered ringCT tx_size from 13KB to just under 4KB.
  • LWMA 4 Difficulty algorith with a mod to it.
  • Bulletproof Transactions and RingCT stay as is.

We are stil nicehash resistant, and ASIC resistant.
This major release 2.0 is the first step to prepare a solution for daemon source code verification, and dnscrypt which will be released in next release 2.1. Version 2.1 will have self checking executable code to prevent executables compiled from bad and altered code on the network.

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