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Hello World!

We are proud and happy to celebrate the first year of ArQmA Network with you today.

As a reminder the ArQmA Genesis Block was mined at MAINNET on 2018–06–14 19:05hrs and 26 seconds.

Since this day, our dedicated team has released:

  • 16 versions of the core software, which represent 1 million lines of new code and 15K of deleted lines.
  • 9 versions of ArQmA-GUIi with over 420 K lines of added code and around 17 K deleted lines.
  • 4 releases of arqmaDroid
  • 1 NPM release of ArQmA RPC Daemon and RPC Wallet Javascript Library with full documentation at

Actually the ArQmA Network count over 15 active servers with different services and over 1000 peers in the network.

The active community on Telegram counts 196 members and 763 on Discord. On Twitter is ArQmA Network followed by over 300 users and keeps growing every day. Last month has been visited 470'510 times by unique visitors.

Until now the premine funds were allocated as follow:

  • 666'086 for bounties, exchanges and giveaways
  • 805'000 for development, server costs and other infrastructures

The current balance of the premine wallet is 5'824'544 ARQ and can be checked on discord.

Recently ArQmA Network has been listed on and the current circulation supply is displayed in realtime on

Recently the team launched some initiatives to accelerate the development and to work toward a broader adoption of ArQmA around the world.

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks the community as a whole and remind you that ArQmA could not be there without your support!

Stay tuned and let’s make the world a better place with cryptos!


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