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Spring has come, both in the weather and in coding advancements.

The silence is around, but the development daemons didn’t sleep. Our Robocoder, Michal vel Malbit has recharged his batteries, and is ready to make new implementations for the ArQmA Network and as usually for the team crypto security matters 🙂

You may wonder what happened to ArQmA’s price and the devs are silent …

The answer is simple, we don’t comment price moves and we are deeply focused on coding to deliver the best for the ArQmA network. We are sorry to not be as active as in the past on discord and telegram. In the last weeks we started to experiment with new algorithms and we compared some interesting solutions like argon2, CryptonightR, K12 and cuckaroo among others.

Finally we decided to make our own version of trtl-pico. We are trying to optimize it and gain even more efficiency. We think that the algorithm change will enforce the network security and help decentralization by keeping the ArQmA Network ASIC resistant. We are trying to hold the compatibility with Turtlecoin and their forks to mine them as child coins.

When upgrading to a new algorithm, we will also have the opportunity to implement Poisson anti 51%+ attack solution and a more effective difficulty algorithm. As usual the wallets and services will be updated and ready to go around the time of the hard fork to prevent any issue.

Most people won’t even notice the difference except the pool and exchange operators who have to deal with the technical details.

On the research front we are dealing with programmable debit cards for cold storage. It is really in an early stage, but our goal is to allow every user to load their own keys into a card using the GUI and keep their wallet secure as hell. That idea is OPEN SOURCE and if anybody wants to cooperate, he is as always welcome. These solutions are likely to be very competitive compared to others actually on the market.

ArQmA Labs has been started by a group of enthusiasts and is open for suggestions about ads, artwork, articles and other community related communications. Some very good postings, articles, and videos have already been rewarded with bounties.

Stay tuned, there is more to come!

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