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Basically we generated the public view and spend keys without deriving them from any private keys, which makes impossible any recovery of the wallet.

You can check the transaction on the blockexplorer under the tab “Prove sending”:
tx_hash: e8642cc515dc92e7fe31a5c5dc0558ed336e7ce5139a173e2f1680d2f46453fc
address: ar2uzTMs3KGArQmAburnThePremineForTheDeViLinTheBLoCKCHAiN666o666oo3inPrivacyWeTrust666ooo1U36QYkkA
tx_key: 41258a599ea265e030eb53705e5f533adc7d1f53a39cddc910b1a8f966dfcf08

Here is the code to generate the address: arqma-burn

Feel free to reproduce the results.

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