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Hello ArQmA community.

At 1/27/2019 block with height 100,000 has been mined at Arqma-Network. Congratulations to the miners, pools, and developers who made this possible.

We would like to share things we are working on.

  • The redesigned web wallet is in it’s final testing phase. Improvements to the speed of synchronization have been made, we hope you enjoy! PS don’t forget about mobile view implementation.
  • ArQmA GUI has been completely reworked for the future, which will allow conversion to android /iOS devices. Michal vel [email protected] working is hard on improvements. I hope you will be positively surprised. Featuring a new language bar, mobile view, password change, auto hide balance and much more to come.
  • New pools have arrived and some of them offer merged mining. Using merged mining and spreading hash power can help push decentralization and promote stability and speed of our network. We are in touch with most of the pool owners. Available pools list :
  • Argonator will be pursuing and contributing to the GitHub issue that Monero listed which involves reporting to the antivirus companies on the security of the applications for mining, daemon, wallet, and utilities. This will hopefully prevent ArQmA and other Cryptonight coin software being reported with false positives and reduce the hassle of antivirus software blocking crypto currency in general
  • ArQmA Team have created where you can find and add information about ArQmA Network project. There are important links, FAQ, videos and docs. The most important thing is that everyone can contribute. Just fork create own documents and files then send PR. This page belongs to You and everyone is free to make their own improvements.
  • For faster synchronization we have also shared the raw file of the ArQmA blockchain available on which is updated every 2 hours.

The ArQmA Team have considered making an in-house cn-arqma algorithm. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates.

Don’t forget about our payment gateway at ( where merchants can easily connect their own wallet to receive online payments in a matter of seconds. An FAQ will be prepared soon to help with implementation.

Offline wallet generator is available on

We at ArQmA are always hard at work making improvements to our blockchain and systems, while other a lot of coins have stagnated during the crypto winter.

We hope the hard work we are putting in pleases you all, it is with your valued support and trust in us that keeps us going.

Thank you everyone!

The ArQmA Team

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