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All members of the ArQmA network must upgrade their software!
The hardfork is planned at block 303666 on 8th November 2019.

The new release “Devil’s Randomness v0.6.0” is mainly for the new POW algorithm RandomARQ.
As usual the links to the new binaries are available at
An algorithm change brings a lot of side works and coordination in order to prepare a smooth hardfork. Here we would like to thank all community members who participated to this big effort.
For miners:
The miner community can use xmrig which already include RandomARQ (rx/arqma) since version 4.3.0 beta:
Thanks to xmrig for his continuous support.

For pool operators:
The xmr-node-proxy from MoneroOcean is already functional with our new algorithm:

The cryptonote multihashing module from MoneroOcean works already with RandomARQ:
Thanks to MoneroOcean for his faster than light updates.

From ArQmA Team:
We shortly released the electron-wallet in the Ubuntu App Store as Snap:

A new version of ArQmA.Droid is waiting you on google app store:

We updated the onion block explorer to support RandomARQ as well:

We also provided a new version of arqma-rpc-js, which integrates axios as http client and uses axios interceptor to handle digest authentication. The code has been entirely refactored to use async functions instead of promises functions. Now objects are created using factory functions as well.
The library supports HTTP, HTTPS and digest authentication and all RPC Wallet and RPC Daemon commands.

Our source codes are as always available at our repo:

News from the front:
We decided to remove the roadmap as we think that this tool is becoming obsolete in the time of agile and continuous development. We decided to simply list the past milestones and the main themes we are working on. Look at
We chose to close multicoin pool until other coins adopt the RandomARQ variant. At the moment we have no information if any other coin would adopt our algorithm.
Thanks to our Chinese friends we have been recently listed on several markets. Starting from, citex, We also organized an AMA for the Chinese community with Qianran.
Actually, our team is working toward a hybrid POW/POS solution for the ArQmA Network.
ArQmA is an open source project and everybody is welcome to participate. Don’t be shy and come as you are! Read you soon!

Discord :

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