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160 commits and 12382 lines

ArQmA Devil's Legion 0.5.0


Hello community,

we are proud to announce new release of arqma codebase under the name of "ArQmA Devil's Legion 0.5.0 (hf 13,14)". After 160 commits and 12382 lines of code changes the ArQmA network is ready for the next step.

On the list below you will find the most important changes with this release:

  • premine burn
  • RCTTypeBulletproof implementation
  • PER_BYTE_FEE from Hard-Fork v13
  • At Hard-Fork v14 which will be 720 blocks after v13 old-style ringCT transactions will be forbidden
  • increased block_median_weight_limit up to max 2048kB
  • minimum block_weight increased up to 1024kB
  • increased transaction_weight_limit up to 48kB
  • rapid_sync from scratch in less than 5 minutes to be fully synced with network
  • PER_BLOCK_CHECKPOINTS are ON and precompiled at codebase up to 215000 blockheight
  • RPC_PAY System (will be updated)
  • Multi-Output Padded Bulletproofs
  • Added a public_node switch to daemon
  • static Ring_Size increased to 11 (mixin = 10)
  • wallet tx_sanity checks
  • optimization for picking most capable outputs for transfer
  • Arqma cryptonote_config.h has been simplified


Important information

 for pool operators and exchanges

After fork block v13 Date and time (GMT): Thursday, 22 August 2019 22:08:00 block 248200 => You should change minimum ring size to 11 (mixin 10).

Just after release tag we will start rebuild all nodes, wallet software and services. Binaries will be available for public in the next 48 hours.

Recently ARQ has been listed on exchange which is popular in China. Actually there is one more exchange in the pipeline.

Concerning the premine burn there is a short video of the event:

We also modified the source code accordingly: see on -> github 

Thanks to moneromoo advices the process went smoothly.

The code generating the burn wallet address is available at github. Basically we generated the public view and spend keys without deriving them from any private keys, which makes impossible any recovery of the wallet. You can reproduce the result.
You can check the transaction on the block explorer under the tab "Prove sending": here

tx_hash: e8642cc515dc92e7fe31a5c5dc0558ed336e7ce5139a173e2f1680d2f46453fc
address: ar2uzTMs3KGArQmAburnThePremineForTheDeViLinTheBLoCKCHAiN666o666oo3inPrivacyWeTrust666ooo1U36QYkkA
tx_key: 41258a599ea265e030eb53705e5f533adc7d1f53a39cddc910b1a8f966dfcf08

5.1 mln ARQ have been burnt.

The dev team decided to keep 350 K for Michal vel Malbit and 150 K for ArqTras. 74K have been set aside for the dev fund and will be transferred soon to a multisig wallet.

Recently we welcomed new members (140) from China on WeChat. Here we would like to thanks Joey Qiao#1471 from our discord for his precious help building the Chinese community.


Everybody is a foreigner somewhere and the ARQ Network is the cement between nationalities and people.


Let's grow together!

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