Mining ArQmA

Recommended minimum specs to mine ArQmA

  • Min 2gb ram
  • AES-ni supported processor. Yes you can mine RandomARQ on a RaspberryPi!
  • 4 Core or higher Intel or Ryzen CPU: The more cores the better!
  • Quality CPU air cooler or AIO Liquid CPU cooler
  • Windows or Linux (MacOS is also supported on major miners)
  • Don’t forget you need an Arqma wallet to mine coins too!

First things first: Pick a miner!

  • XMR-STAK: Miner by long time Cryptonote supporter Fireice-UK
  • XMrig: Multi-algo supported CPU miner
  • XMrig-CC: Multi-algo CPU miner with Command and Control (CC) web monitor best for larger CPU mining operations but anyone can use. Created by long term CPU mining supporter BenDr0id
  • SRBminer-Multi: Closed source CPU miner from Doktor83
  • Android miner: CLI miner for android devices by WarriorV
  • Remember that you can also mine directly from the Arqma CLI daemon or wallet. First make sure your daemon is at 100% and fully synced with the network by entering “status”. After that use the following command to start mining (replace 3 with # of threads you want to use mining):
					start_mining arENTERYOURADDRESSHERE 3

Note: subaddress mining is not currently supported so you will need to use your main account address. To stop mining simply enter the following:


Three threads on an intel i7 cpu getting 6.1Kh on RandomARQ.

Second: We need a pool to mine on

A great website that shows active known pools on the Arqma network is This provider is generous enough to ping pool API and pull together stats to provide a fairly up-to-date actual network hash rate based on known pools. It also shows unknown hash rates from unknown pools or solo-miners who may be mining via a private pool. Users can also check out the #mining channel on our discord for up-to-date pool mining hash rates.

Once you select your pool you need to modify your config file for the miner to point the miner at your desired pool. Every pool is different and some require the “Algo” (rx/arq) and “Coin” (ARQ) to be entered whereas some do not. Please make sure to review your selected pools miner setup page to know what config and port are required for properly connecting to the pool.

Samples of XMrig mining $ARQ on the mining pool
Samples of XMrig mining $ARQ on the mining pool

Ways to increase efficiency of RandomARQ mining

Android mining RandomArq! Photo props to Reisender on Discord

  • Increase the amount of physical ram used on the mining rig. RandomARQ loves more ram like the PCMasterRace does especially with Ryzen CPU.
  • Use higher speed ram (ex: 3600mhz or 4000mhz CL14/CL16 DDR4).
  • Increase pagefile size on windows to use the hard drive as cache ram.
  • Enable Huge pages.
  • Use more CPU cores. Most CPU miners will auto-config your miner out of the box to use all possible cores. This will typically result in a lower hash rate as the operating system needs at least one CPU core to run. The miner and OS will fight each other for resources and reduce the hash rate of the miner. The best solution is to use slightly over 50% of the total threads available to achieve maximum hash rates. Example: If you have an 8 core and 16 thread CPU, you should use 10 threads for max hash rates. Always play around with the settings to see what works best for your setup as everyone’s PC will be different.
  • On larger multi-branch CPU such as Ryzen Threadrippers and Intel Gold CPU, instead of running one miner you can run two miners and split the thread count between the two miners. If you have a 32 core CPU you can run to instances of the miner with both using 8 to 10 threads each and you may achieve 5–10% higher hash rates this way.
  • Keep CPU temps low, Higher CPU temps will cause the CPU to throttle when mining and reduce the hash rate. Using a quality CPU cooler and proper case fan cooling will help this.
  • Close unnecessary applications, especially on Windows.
  • Run the miner as Admin once and then reboot: This allows the miner to use all ram and pagefile with admin-level rights.
  • Use a Ryzen CPU over Intel. RandomARQ will mine just fine on Intel CPU however the hash to watt ratio of a newer Ryzen CPU will outpace any Intel CPU in the same market class in most instances.
  • Mine with a desktop PC over a laptop. While mining on laptops is feasible, it is not recommended as when CPU mining occurs there is a large amount of heat generated and most laptops are not designed to remove the heat from the case as fast as it should to prevent premature hardware failure. MINE ON LAPTOPS AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  • Additional information on CPU mining enhancements from XMRig team.
  • Additional information on Android mining provided by WarriorV HERE.
Lots of airflow helps keep CPU cool!


RandomARQ helps decentralize the Arqma network and allows almost anyone to provide work solving blocks on the blockchain. This work can be done with most CPU readily available with about 30 minutes of your time. Get on board and start hashing to earn yourself some income with Arqma. $ARQ #inprivacywetrust

Helpful Arqma Links

Arqma Official Website: .

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Android Wallet:

Arqma Community Pages:

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Current Mining Pool List:

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Arqma Logos and Images:

Tips are always appreciated and not expected:



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