Maintenance Update

Maintenance Update

As many of you recently noticed, several exchanges have put Monero-forked coins under maintenance, and ArQmA was no exception. The reason for this is a bug was discovered that caused certain incoming transactions (with payment IDs) were doubled on the exchange side.

Wallets across several coins and exchanges will remain under maintenance until the bug fix has been applied and tested. Please contact each individual coin’s live chat for a status update, as each project will be on a different timeline.

Thanks to the cooperation of our devs and Altex (, a solution was discovered that could be quickly implemented to correct this bug before it could be exploited. It is not known at this time if this bug has been exploited to anyone’s advantage on any cryptonote-based coin. We do know that no ArQmA coins or wallets have been affected.

Upon this discovery, the ArQmA Dev team discreetly contacted other exchanges, and shared this discovery across the cryptonote community to protect it as a whole.

We are happy to give something back to the cryptonote community, and also showcase the skills of our Dev team to harden the blockchain to the highest security standards. We would like to thank Altex for their hard work in co-operating and implementing the fix as smoothly as possible.

We thank you for your continuous support and are happy to have you among the ArQmA community.

~ Michal (Lead ArQmA Dev)

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