Maintenance Alert

Dear ArQmA Community,

The Situation

We have been made aware of a bug causing double payments to the Altex exchange. We have since located and fixed the bug in our software.

The bug tracking ID is located here: and the patch here:

Currently, the web wallet is down for maintenance, and the CLI wallet is unable to sync the blockchain. Despite that, be assured your coins are stored safely in the blockchain. Deposits and Withdrawals from Altex are currently disabled until the fix is applied and testing has taken place.

The Solution

We will be executing a hard fork at block 7000 (to occur some time on July 3rd) to apply the fix, for this bug, and other issues mentioned below:

  • Fix diff calculation change to wait for the fork block
  • Transactions from the web wallet could have a duplicated public key, which caused the Monero wallet to double-count ins and outs.
    Fixed by applying upstream patch (Monero PR # 3985).
  • DNSSEC applied

What You Need To Do

Miners: You may continue mining to both private wallet addresses and Altex, however deposits and withdrawals from Altex are disabled until the fork is completed and testing has taken place to ensure transactions are working properly again. Monitor your rigs tomorrow to ensure they reconnect after the hard fork is executed and your chosen pool has updated.

Pool Operators: Before block 7000 occurs, Please update your software to the latest release here:

Thanks for your continued support,

The ArQmA Staff

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