FAQ Linux Cli

How to get started with ArQmA?

Got to https://github.com/arqma/arqma/releases and download what you need.

Ubuntu and Debian users can follows the instructions on https://deb.arqma.com/

Start a terminal. Then type “arqmad” to start the daemon and let it sync. It will take a while. You can check if it is synced using the command “status”.

Once done you will see the message Height N/N (100%)


How to create a wallet address with CLI-wallet?

Start a terminal and type “arqma-wallet-cli”

Enter a wallet file name. Confirm.

Choose a password. Confirm the password. Choose your language. 1 for English.

Now look at the output.  Your address has been created.

Your address begins with "ar".

You see there is a list of 25 words. You have to note these words on a piece of paper and store it in a safe place. With these words you can recover your wallet anytime.

To know your address when logged in the CLI wallet you can issue the command "address".

You can also get the 25 words using the command "seed".

You can force the wallet to synchronize with the daemon issuing the command "refresh".

There is also a function "help" to list all functions of the CLI wallet.

You exit the wallet using the command "exit".


How to restore your wallet using the CLI wallet?

Start the CLI wallet using the following command:

“arqma-wallet-cli --restore-deterministic-wallet”

Specify a new wallet filename.

Then you are prompted to enter your 25 words.

Then press "Enter". Choose a new password. Confirm password. Press "Enter" again and let it sync.


How to fix missing coins?

Stop arqmad daemon.

Go to ~/.arqma and delete everything within

Restart deamon and let it sync.

Restore wallet from seeds (25 words).

Wait for full sync and your coins should show up.


How to transfer some $ARQ?

Start the CLI wallet.

To know the command you can issue "help transfer".

Command usage:

transfer [index=<N1>[,<N2>,...]] [<priority>] [<ring_size>] <address> <amount>


"priority" is how fast you want to send arqma coin. Valid values in priority order (from lowest to highest) are: unimportant, normal, elevated, priority. The higher the priority, the higher the transaction fee.

"ringsize"  is the number of inputs to include for untraceability. Typically, 7 is normal. Highest level is 41 and will create more transactions which might increase the fee.

"address" is the wallet address you wish to send coins to.

"payment_id" A payment id provided by the recipient.  Such as for exchanges that like to receive with that id. Or, you can generate your own with the payment_id command.

example: "transfer normal 7 wallet address amount"