Web wallet under maintenance

We would like to inform you that the webwallet is temporarily unavailable. We’re working on restoring full functionality. No funds are lost. We encourage you

ArQmA GUI 2.0 stagenet

How fast payment can be made Really fast + smaller database, extra encryption

PoS in 3 sec

Short video how PoS in ArQmA network works

Incoming updates and rebase testing

DAEMON * ArQmA – verify code – only binaries compiled from our source get correct release and commit version allowed in network. Which means any

Arqma Android Wallet – beta

Pre-Release Arqma Android Wallet application is ready to go on your hands. You can download it from: You can choose from: 1. arm64-v8a (64bit)

Stagenet testing

Because we work hard, we want to share information on what stage we are:  stagenet pool with new release and , both are

Status update – July 2018

“More commits does not necessarily mean more lines of code
More lines of code does not necessarily mean more progress
Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.” — probably Bill Gates said this.

Happy 1 Month Birthday, ArQmA!

The ArQmA Network status update for the month of June 12, 2018 to July 11th. There has been less development activity on some coins in