Binance Smart Chain

ARQMA to issue first $bARQ token

We are pleased to announce Step 1 to our ArQmA growth plan ► the $bARQ token contract layer to the upcoming ArQmA network services.

The ARQ coin and $bARQ token will work together in the worlds first Binance Smart Chain ArQBridge™ between a privacy coin codebase and a standard DeFi codebase.

We have chosen Binance Smart Chain because:

  • We would like to give more people the opportunity to participate in the upcoming ArQmA Network and the anticipated services of Layer 2 through a DeFi angle.
  • BSC is not only quick in transaction time, but also very low in fees, as is ARQ.
  • Full transparency with funds including full length liquidity and team locks right off the bat.
  • ArQ Metamask and Trustwallet integrations through multiple consumer browsers and applications.
  • Funding injection to grow the project through promotions, developers, and professional social media strategy.
  • Listing on much needed top tier exchanges for world expansion and higher volumes.
  • The opportunity to swap between ARQ and bARQ using Smart Contracts, Api’s and ARQ code through the upcoming ArQBridge™.
  • The direct liquidity gateway and wider transactability options.

No promises, only facts

Since June 2018, ArQmA has been in constant development, and was created by some of the top developers in the blockchain space.  As demand of new features arises everyday, we are looking to speed up the development process and turn ARQ into a top tier coin with both the position and recognition it deserves.

ArQmA’s skilled developers are well known in the space and work tirelessly day and night.  However in todays blockchain space, it is important to be fast, first and unique.

Over the coming months, we have a plan to release.

  • ARQ Collateralized Layer 2 ARQNodes™ with staking and static income.
  • ARQ consumer developer foundations for Layer 2 dApp creation both fully encrypted and untraceable.
  • Full ARQ documentation explaining Layer 2 ARQ network and corresponding deployment possibilities.
  • World’s first Monero-codebase-implemented Atomic Swap layer.
  • Fully hybrid ArQPoW/ArQPoS network.
  • Initial decentralized foundation services such as ArQMessenger™, ArQVPN™ both untraceable and fully encrypted.
  • ArQmACard™ Payments system testnet and eventual release.



market cap


Total Supply

75 000 000 bARQ


PancakeSwap and more

Trusted Developers

Michal Vel Malbit
Arek ArqTras

Low transaction Fees

There is no fee on bARQ network but you need to have small amount to pay on BSC for transfer funds.


Total emission 75 000 000 bARQ

Total emission
75 000 000 bARQ


Buy $bARQ token on


Quarter 1 – Inception

Start promotion on social media


Quarter 2 – Listings

Start token presale at and PancakeSwap


Quarter 3 developemnt

Start new services on ArQmA Network


Quarter 4 Expansion

Enable swap between $ARQ and $bARQ

More software, promotion, development