ArQmA status – March 2020

Many of you ask about progress, so short summary.

Lets open a little dialog on zmq.

  • Zmq is a high-performance asynchronous messaging library, aimed at use in distributed or concurrent applications. It provides a message queue, but unlike message-oriented middleware.
  • We currently are in the alpha stage of testing/building a zmq implementation. This implementation is envisioned to be consumable from pool operators in the first release. Preliminary usage has seen a substantial decrease in the resources required to operate a pool and could potentially translate to a reduction vps requirement to run Arqma pools.
  • Once we get the first release out, we envision numerous smaller updates to the daemon and supporting software to consume zmq.
  • Electron wallet would benefit from zmq technology and once the technology is out, I’m sure the community input will help drive more arqma projects.

  • Example 1. for the current zmq release => currently a pool operates by polling the daemon every 500ms to obtain a blocktemplate for hashing, zmq flips this model.
  • Now the pool subscribes to the daemon for block notifications. Good bye polling, good bye wasted resources.
  • Example 2. electron wallet also polls the daemon for blocks => it is our intention to replace this implementation with zmq.
  • Example 3. intercommunication between daemons and rpc clients could be refactored to implement zmq technology zmq technology is extremely fast in comparison to standard rpc.

Arqma is about security, so as well as providing a great fast product, we also have a commitment to our community to keep security forefront during zmq development.

I believe the electron wallet will most likely be the first user related product to benefit from zmq and the possibilities of this technology are vast and very very exciting.

I also believe SN will benefit in the future from zmq since the standard model for zmq is publishers and subscribers. SN is just that but faster.

You can see progress on our github and related PR made by Muscleman

Our SN code is still under construction and due to hard situations in our places again delayed. But we have progress and some functions works as should be.

There is polishing to do and soon we will provide more info.


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