What is ArQmA?

ArQmA is a decentralized public project of block chains, crypto currencies, and is fully open source. The team of programmers consists of enthusiasts who have been dealing with cryptovaults and programming for a long time. ArQmA creates a full and brilliant currency exchange platform which aims to provide more advanced features than any previously developed protocol.

  • Desktop and GPU hardware friendly
  • Cryptonight Turtle v2 PoW Hashing Algorithm
  • Anti ASIC and Nicehash to give everyone a chance to mine
  • Fast block chain synchronization
  • Anonymous and untraceable transfers all over the world using Bulletproof RingCT
  • Connectivity across payment networks

The Fastest Growing Network

The ArQmA Network is based on Monero, Aeon, and Cryptonote sources. We have taken all the best attributes from each of them and created our best product we love to call ArQmA.

By transacting and settling off-block chain, the ArQmA Network allows for exceptionally low or null fees, which allows for emerging use cases such as instant micro payments.

The Founders

Meet The Team

Michał vel [email protected]


Arek ArqTras

Deputy CEO/Co-Founder


Community Supporter / Public Relations / Python + Shell Script Engineer


Web Applications / ART-Work Engineer


Networks and Hardware Support Engineer


Pool and Nodejs Engineer

冉希 / Qianran

中国社区经理 / Chinese Community Manager


中国社区经理 / Chinese Community Manager

Where To Trade ArQmA

ArQmA is listed in various popular crypto exchanges


ArQmA connects banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges, corporations, and simple people via crypto to provide a payment system for everyone.